Though we have been in market for a few years, our work speaks for itself across Asia.

Shweta has a vast experience working on research driven brand building and innovation. She delivered a very insightful workshop on driving innovations across categories to build purpose driven brands, most of which stem from her past work, with a very pragmatic approach A consumer & business centric marketeer, Shweta has a flair for brands & categories targeting the modern-day consumer, her pièce de resistance!

  • Mahesh Kanchan
  • Vice President, Marketing –
  • Carlsberg India Pvt. Ltd.

Shweta is a subject matter expert and very articulate as well. I want to thank her for her time and efforts to piece together an Innovation Workshop for us. Her points on innovation pitfalls highly resonate and are applicable to us like many other organisations. Our job will be to implement what we learned today.

  • Amir Qadri
  • Marketing Head, IFFCO, UAE

Shweta Shrivastava is a highly professional Brand & Business consultant. She helped us to redesign our brand identity in line with our business vision. She could capture the vision and values of our company in the very first meeting, and then use her knowledge to help us to create impact through storytelling across platforms. The work she has done for us has helped us in our fundraising efforts as well. Highly recommended!

  • Sumit Khemani
  • CEO, Smartfuture Pte Ltd, Singapore