Brand Wright

Branding right is at the core of our Brand Wright Service. Good branding is vital to a great business. Whether you are selling a health care device, a service, a medicine or even something as basic as water, it makes sense to invest behind a good brand. The water example strikes as the most amazing and compelling case of the need for branding right!

The most common mistake most startups make is to leave branding for later or limit the whole branding exercise to just choosing a catchy logo. Branding is more than just picking a random name and a logo. The right branding exercise should help you to finetune your purpose, ascertain your Identity, thereby improving focus and memorability. While there is time and effort involved in branding right, it is a critical foundational step that must not be missed. While working on your startup, getting the branding strategy right is sure to get your business to a head-start. Eventually, branding right will help you to evolve from just another startup into a successful venture.

Having said that, brand purpose and business direction evolves as the startup matures. Thus, it might make sense to relook at your branding strategies as your business evolves. To sum up, whether you are starting out, or evolving your business, think through whether your brand conveys your purpose succinctly. To know more, feel free to write to us at

Business Wright

For most startups, receiving funding can get challenging in absence of a well thought out business model. Even if the business model is thought through, acquiring consumers can be tough in the initial stages or retaining consumers at later stages or both.

Our Business Wright service helps startups to rethink the business streams in the long term as well as the short term. We then support with consumer acquisition and retention for each of the identified business streams for a profitable scale up of your business. To know more, feel free to write us at

Investment Wright

We are passionate about helping create businesses that focus on providing better health and social outcomes. And we believe in putting the money where the mouth is. Our Investment Wright Fund provides investments to health and consumer tech startups in the Seed Stage or Pre-Series A round. The funds used for investment in startups are our very own, assimilated and hard earned through years of working in the corporate world. We handpick the startups we wish to nurture in their journey going forward and wright the necessary nudge they need in their initial days. Helping them start right is at the core of Start Wright Business Solutions.

If you are a start up in the health tech or consumer tech domain, and are looking for seed stage investments, do write to us at

Innovate Wright

In today’s VUCA world, even the most established companies with sizeable market shares, have found themselves struggling to cater to the new age consumer and changing retail and media landscape. Understanding the consumer needs by way of trendspotting and fore-sighting is at the core of our Innovate Wright solution. Innovate Wright aims at identifying white spaces for product and services for startups and large organisations alike.

Often, organisations have a great product but have not identified who to market it to. Our Innovate Wright service helps them to identify where to play for harnessing a larger share of the most potent target segment for their product. Sometimes, the product is targeted to the right segment, but the consumer base refuses to grow. Innovate Wright helps to identify the key barriers to trial or retention, looking at the usability of the product or service in context of the consumer and competition.

Thus, Innovate Wright Solution can be used to

  • Identify white spaces for new product or service launch
  • Refocus on the right segment to target for an already developed product or service
  • Repurpose product or service to improve consumer adoption (Consumer Acquisition and Retention)


Whether you are a startup or a large organisation looking to launch into a new category or looking at renovating an existing brand, we can help. To know how, write to us at